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  • How Property is Divided in a Florida Divorce

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    The division of property in a divorce agreement is often the most contentious part of the divorce proceedings, especially if there are no children involved. Spouses always want to know who gets the house, car, boat, and other large items.… Read more>>

  • How To Protect Your Loved Ones If Something Happens to You!

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    It almost seems impossible to imagine comedy the last few decades without thinking of Robin Williams. He was a true genius and iconic comedian. His work touched millions and his death will be felt for years to come. The loss of Robin Williams reminds us of the importance of setting up a solid estate plan. It is important that we prepare now and have adequate protection of our assets after we are gone. Not only does an effective estate plan protect our true wealth, it will also protect our loved ones from complications that can arise from probate court and tax…… Read more>>