Estate Planning


6 Common Mistakes Most Parents Make When Choosing Guardians

Have you made one of these six common mistakes that could leave your kids in the care of someone you would never choose? Learn how you can fix these mistakes and make sure your children, your family, and your money are always protected by logging in for this free resource.

7 Must Dos When Naming Guardians

There are things you must do when naming guardians to make sure your kids would always be taken care of by the people you know, love and trust. 

Kids Protection Planning Guide®

We've written this Kids Protection Planning Guide® especially for parents with minor children. Download it to learn:

  • how to choose the right guardians for your kids, and avoid making one of the six most common planning mistakes.
  • how to ensure your family will have immediate, private access to your money for your children's needs.
  • how you can make sure your children's inheritance is protected from creditors, lawsuits, and divorce.
  • how to avoid the time and expense of a drawn out court process if you are ever in an accident.
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