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My Personal Message To You… As a child of parents who suffered through a divorce and all of the related legal issues that come with it, I understand the devastating effects it has on the entire family, especially the spouses. I’ve seen how a divorce can lead to severe emotional distress caused by losing a spouse, as...Read More>>

One of life’s most important planning moments is often overlooked and avoided by many families due to fear of this important but uncomfortable topic, and the wrong assumption that there are no assets to protect. Everyone should have an estate plan that includes in detail your living will, living trust, power of attorney and your...Read More>>

Asset Protection is a series of legal techniques that are designed to protect the assets of an individual or business from civil money judgments. Many people believe that asset protection is only for the wealthy, but the fact is that many ordinary people can benefit from it. A fluctuating economy, a tough credit market, professional...Read More>>

When an individual passes away and their name is on any type of asset, Probate is the formal process where the court will oversee those assets to ensure they are settled properly under Florida Probate Law, and to ensure that the heirs to the deceased receive their entitled share from any of those assets...Read More>>

In this struggling economy, business owners are the brave entrepreneurs who offer hope for our nation’s recovery and provide much-needed employment opportunities and economic growth to local communities. As such, it is imperative that their ventures be protected and supported by skilled and reliable attorneys...Read More>>

The Foreclosure Nightmare – It was NOT your fault! Our national recession has created one of the worst housing crises in our nation, which continues to destroy the American Dream of home ownership for many. These circumstances have destroyed our jobs, pensions, savings, and other investments and income that most people rely on...Read More>>

There was a time only a few years ago when I was one of the few lawyers that actually knew about such terms as “loan modifications,” “loan workouts,” “short sales,” “deed-in-lieu” and many others. Now, as a result of our national economic recession and the housing crisis, these terms have become very common for many...Read More>>