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Parents will follow the court-approved parenting plan that will designate timesharing percentages and include detailed instructions for major holidays. Florida no longer has “visitation.” Rather, each parent has some percentage of timesharing and there are instances where the timesharing may be supervised. The percentage of timesharing provided to a parent is based upon the number of overnights the child spends with each parent. A parent who has 20% or more of the overnights in a given year is considered to have “substantial timesharing” under Florida law, and if that person is the payor of child support, he or she will receive a credit against the guideline amount of child support commensurate with the “substantial timesharing.”

What is Timesharing?

Parental Responsibility

The court-approved parenting plan will also designate whether the parental responsibility will be:

  • Shared parental responsibility — the parents must confer and make major decisions jointly regarding the child’s upbringing, including medical care, education, social and recreational, and religious faith.
  • Ultimate Decision Making Authority – one parent has the legal right to make final decisions about certain specified issues (e.g. medical, educational, religious upbringing, general welfare) after full consultation with the other parent.

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