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Once a child support order is entered by the court, serious penalties will be incurred if the child support is not paid consistently.  It is important that you do not adjust your payments due under a child support order simply because you are experiencing a change in circumstances.  This is called “engaging in self-help,” and it is frowned upon by the courts. Even if you reach an informal agreement with the other parent, they can still enforce the arrearage against you.  Our child support attorneys can assist you by filing a request for modification with the court, but you must continue paying the court ordered amount until the modification request is approved.  Therefore, filing a request with the court is the necessary first step.

Can I Change a Final Judgement?

Recipients of child support may also file a modification request with the court for a substantial change in circumstance, such as special needs of the child, extended illness, disability or unemployment, in order to request a recalculation of the child support order.

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