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It is not always easy for a man to know whether a child is his.  If the mother of the child is not married, paternity must be established by having both parents sign a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity form or by either parent filing a paternity action. (The child or child’s guardian may also file a paternity action to establish guardianship or support.)

Our experienced family law attorneys can file a paternity action requesting a court-ordered DNA test to confirm the father of the child.  Throughout the paternity process, our attorneys respect the privacy of the parties involved as a paternity suit could be disruptive to the alleged father and the paternity must be proven.

Do I Have to Pay Child Support for a Kid That is Not Mine?

If the DNA test does prove the paternity of the child, the court issues an Order.  The father will then be responsible for child support to the mother depending upon the amount of timesharing he receives and the parties’ incomes. If he does not have timesharing and parental responsibility rights yet, he may request those during the paternity matter.

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