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Cabanas Law Firm is an accomplished Family Law Firm in Pembroke Pines and Sunny Isles Beach, FL consisting of very experienced divorce and family law attorneys who will provide you professional help with family legal services including Divorce, Child Support and Custody Issues.

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My Personal Message To You…

As a child of parents who suffered through a divorce and all of the related legal issues that come with it, I understand the devastating effects it has on the entire family, especially the spouses. I’ve seen how a divorce can lead to severe emotional distress caused by losing a spouse, as well as the added stress of raising children without spousal support, and the financial burden of losing assets and income — in addition to the dishonest attorneys who think more about their fees than their clients.

As a child, there was nothing I could do to help my parents at that time, but I learned how important Divorce Attorneys are in this process. I personally observed the damage caused by dishonest or incompetent Divorce Attorneys. However, as I became an adult and a Divorce Attorney myself, I also learned how a family can actually benefit from good, honest attorneys who understand that the client’s needs are more important than money. The divorce process does not have to be painful, burdensome, or devastating to families.

That’s the reason I personally designed our system to provide legal services that put our clients’ needs and interests above all else! First, we meet with you to learn about your objectives (all of your financial and non-financial goals), then we use our team of experienced attorneys, mediators and CPA’s to develop a strategy that’s designed to achieve the desired objectives to the extent possible. We implement this strategy by using diplomacy and do our best to reach the best settlement possible that’s fair and just, and in a way that causes the least disruption in the lives of our clients. We only litigate when left with no other choice, and then only to the extent absolutely necessary and in the most cost-effective manner possible. We do everything we can to avoid a fight, but we never back down from a fight.

We understand that the legal process of going through a divorce and dealing with related issues is not pleasant for clients, which is the reason I developed our system to make it as convenient, painless and as stress-free as possible for the client, their families, and their finances.

While there is nothing I can do about my past, I can move forward with helping families through this process now …. with honesty and integrity. Our system starts with this personal invitation to you to call our office, speak to our friendly staff to request a free, private, consultation with me. You will meet with me, the Senior Attorney of the Firm, because every case is important. We will set up a date and time that’s convenient for you, so you can find out more about how our systems can help you.

Family law encompasses a broad area, but when there are legal issues involving you and your family close to home, there is nothing more personal, emotional or stressful. We always want what’s best for our children and for ourselves. Cabanas Law Firm understands the importance of working closely with families during these trying times. Our family law attorneys will help ease the legal strain, so that you can focus on the health and well-being of your family. Cabanas Law Firm has been serving families in South Florida for 10 years and can help with family legal services including Divorce, Child Support and Custody Issues.


If you are experiencing the pain and suffering that marital conflict can cause, let our experienced and compassionate divorce lawyers help you understand the reality of your situation while being sensitive to your needs. We are with you every step of the way. We’ll be on your side on every issue, from fair distribution of assets, alimony, child support payments to child custody rights and protection from spousal abuse. We’ll provide all of the legal services to achieve the best results possible by negotiating the terms of your divorce through the mediation process or with strong litigation in the courtroom.

Child Support

Divorce is hard, but it should not lead to financial crisis. Both parents are equally responsible for raising a child. Our family law attorneys help ensure your child’s financial needs are met, so that your focus can be on a healthy and happy upbringing, and your children can live as comfortably as possible.

Custody Issues

Child Custody is one of the most heart-wrenching aspect of divorce. We all want our children to be raised in the most healthy, safe and comfortable environment possible. Our family law attorneys will advocate for all of your parental rights so that you can raise your children in the best way possible. Whether you are anticipating a friendly separation or difficult divorce, our family law attorneys will listen to your needs, understand your concerns, and help you reach solutions to your family problems.

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