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Mediation provides an alternative to expensive divorce litigation and is even recommended by the courts to reduce litigation time and expense.  The spouses are encouraged to adopt a cooperative attitude towards settling the terms of their divorce, which is facilitated in a more comfortable setting than a courtroom.  Mediation also provides confidentiality for the parties about the details of the discussions and disagreements.  The spouses meet with an independent mediator who helps them identify and resolve issues where they are in disagreement, with the goal of moving towards a fair divorce settlement agreement.   This agreement can be presented to the court with an Uncontested Petition For Dissolution of Marriage and the divorce finalized soon thereafter.  Our attorneys have extensive education, experience and/or mediation certification and will greatly assist you to stay focused during the process.  We help you clarify what you really want during the mediation in order to navigate the most complex issues and disagreements.  To learn more about mediation, click here.

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