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Postnuptial Agreement

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So you got married without a prenuptial agreement?  You can still enter into a postnuptial agreement to document how you have agreed to divide property in the event of a divorce.

The main benefit for a postnuptial agreement is to keep any property that you owned prior to the marriage as non-marital and separate from property acquired during the marriage.  Over time, assets tend to shift around and get commingled, and the postnuptial agreement will help to document the non-marital assets.  

What is a Postnup?

Other items that our family law attorneys may suggest to include in a postnuptial agreement are:

  • Alimony award limitations or exclusions, to prevent expensive litigation in the event of a divorce
  • Penalties and attorneys fees awards in the event the agreement is challenged by the spouse
  • Specific asset distributions to avoid a judge dividing assets unsatisfactorily
  • Assets earmarked for children, especially from a prior marriage
  • Division of assets in the event of separation with no divorce

A postnuptial agreement drafted specifically for your situation and the property you each own will provide peace of mind to both parties of what to expect in the event of a divorce.

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